Today, we reiceived a formal statement from DP in response to the confiscation of DP paintings from the The Paint Spot last week:

“First I would like to take the opportunity to thank Kim, Kelly, and all the Paintspot girls for

everything. The love, kindness and support has been huge. All this hassle was never my

intention; all I wanted was a low-key art show and fundraiser for Kids with Cancer.

If the city of Edmonton or the EPS wanted to talk to us before, during of after the show

we would have co operated fully. There was no need to raid the art show/fundraiser.

This was a legitimate art show with good intentions. DP is not a gang. DP is not a

criminal. Taking the paintings will not reveal the true identity of DP.

By having a legitimate art show, I thought I was making a positive transition. Now I fear

other artists will be reluctant to do so for fear of being prosecuted. This is why I think the

freewall discussion needs to start. Not just in our city, but in cities across Canada. By

giving freewalls to our community, we are giving artists young and old a place to develop

their skills and challenge their imaginations. Murals are a nice gesture, but a freewall is

just that, it’s FREE. It evolves, transforms and is constantly maintained by those who

use it for free. No buff required, and will even save Capital City Clean Up a few bucks in

the end.

Giving people a space to paint is like giving skateboarders a skate park to ride in. People

may still skate on sidewalks but the skate parks get used. The same can be said about

street art and graffiti. It won’t necessarily keep it off the streets, but I guarantee you

people will use the freewalls. I know I would, if it were in a safe environment.

To all the DP fans and fans of the street art and graffiti culture I say thank you for the

love and support. When it all comes down to it, we are all DP. I’d like to encourage fans

and artists alike to come drop of a piece or two at the Paintspot gallery (10032 81 Ave)

to show your support. Let’s fill the gallery walls back up. This time it can be all of our art


To the city of Edmonton, I hope we can come to a compromise. We are open to talking

about paying any fines DP may be facing and we would like to ask you the price of a

freewall, so that we may fundraise the money and hopefully get the ball rolling in this city

for some positive change.

My personal proposal to the city would be to raise the money and to turn the Southside

High Level Bridge wall into a freewall as a centennial gift to the High Level Bridge. If we

were to lay a little grass, add a bench, picnic table, and a few waste receptacles for used

paint cans, I’m sure we can make this Freewall Park area a city destination to visit. The

best part would be that we wouldn’t have to paint in the dark anymore, and others could

come watch and learn. Instead of being dictators keeping a wall grey for no reason, we

could be mentors in teaching kids to be colorful and express themselves.

The city needs a positive change, and the time is now.

DP hearts you.”

 - Daft Punks Tin Tin & Asterix characters & ” D/P (Heart’s) U, Ya I Do ” near a park on 81 ave.


Yesterday police raided The Paint Spot on Whyte and with a warrant removed all of Daft Punks works from the gallery inside the store. All of what we know has be gathered through twitter and verified through submitted pictures. This is tragic and unsettling for many reasons. These pictures are of the warrant served to the Paint Spot which has replaced the confiscated pictures as the content in the gallery (first picture submitted anon, second picture by @akaNanette). Bellow is the pertinent information from The Paint Spots Twitter feed. Following this set of pictures will be pictures of the Daft Punk exhibition posted by The Paint Spot on their Facebook page. We strongly encourage you to talk about this issue with your friends, family and members of your community as well as take action in a manner that responds to the EPS raid but also strengthens and broadens the street art community here in Edmonton. Things can change for street art and graffiti in Edmonton but it will take work, it will take change on all sides, it wont be quick however its much more than just possible, its happening now.

‘Reality of Street Art vs Vandalism’ hit home. DP show confiscated by police. Gallery empty. Contracts taken too. Support for DP. Comments?

Yes all gone including gallery records. How shall we support DP now? This is the process that everyone can learn from.

I fully expect them to come back tomorrow with a warrant for art too and I may have trouble as I have no records.

kidswithcancer will still get all money collected. Artwork can still be picked up after investigation.

Well the reception is still on. The exhibition has changed. We have posted the warrant on the empty gallery walls.